Runes of Magic: Mighty mechanical guardian falls into the wrong hands in upcoming update

10/20/2010 06:29 am in News

With the approach of a brand-new version update to the client game Runes of Magic comes the unveiling of some new information. The mighty Amboriar guardian, after years of lying dormant in the depths of the Southern Janost Forest has been awoken by the evil and bloodthirsty Hand of Truth faction.
Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic

Games publisher Frogster (Bounty Bay Online, Throne of Fire) made the teaser announcement just a few days ago on the game homepage. At this time there is no exact date known for when the new version update 'The Mystery of the Temple', including the 'Amboriar' content, will be launched.

The mechanical giant Amboriar lay dormant for many years after being attacked whilst enroute to freeing Zandorya. It lay under a mound of trash and was even used as a home for the dwarf civilization. Some years ago the machine was uncovered by the evil Baron Reuen von Jura. Should they be able to repair and reprogram Amboriar's power core, the extent of the havoc they could cause is unimaginable. Join other players in this upcoming update in protecting the beautiful land of Zandorya from the destructive forces of evil, and stop them from manipulating the power of Amboriar.

Runes of Magic is an MMORPG set in the unexplored world of Taborea. Select and customize a character from one of eight character classes, sharpen your weapons and get ready to face your enemies in this vast and mysterious land. Runes of Magic has unique and intricate 3D graphics as well as in-depth character customization.

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Runes of Magic

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